New Prizes added to the Giveaway!

studio on fire

New Prizes in the Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway!

1st up is the 2009 Studio On Fire calendar courtesy of Studio on Fire.

Details: Features designs by Studio On Fire, Adam Garcia, Brian Gunderson, Rinzen, Justin Blyth and Clarimus.

12 month cards, 1 desk stand, 1 box

The stand and month cards are printed on 100% tree free cotton stock made of fibers reclaimed from the garment industry. Minimally packaged in a clear plastic box.

studio on fire

Next is this our Love is here to stay print courtesy of Enormous Champion.

enormous champion

Visit the Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway! to enter for a chance to win these items plus many more! Its quick, easy and free to enter.

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you should request for everyone to take a photo of there expressions as they repeatedly go over all the cool design work they hope to win.

That would be a great designer study/wide-eyed poster project.

Great stuff!

I keep thinking it can’t get any better, and then grain edit does it again. I request a shopping link list for the losers – there’s so much temptation here, I think I need a new poster, book, stack of notecards… yummy!

The gear up for grabs truly is sweet.
Very talented kids pitching in their wares.

ever since i’ve discovered your site, it’s spread like wild fire thru our office and beyond! exactly what i’ve been looking to find for ages. thanks for showing up!

Wow, I was JUST at Studio On Fire’s blog and saw these gems, and then I visit Grain Edit and what do I see?? GIVEAWAY!

Amazing hearts, amazing content, keep inspiring!

wow – a prize firestorm!

Hi, I’m a new reader to your blog but I already love it! Keep up the great work (and the great prizes)!!