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british stamps

I want to thank Michelle Mccormick for inviting me to contribute to her wonderful blog Inspiration Resource. I’ve been a fan of her site for a while, so I was excited when she asked if I would be willing to share a few pictures of how I organize and collect inspiration. I happily agreed and broke out the camera. In the post you’ll see a few pictures of the folders I use to store labels and the mylar envelopes I use to store brochures and maps.

You can see all the pictures here.

After you check our the post, be sure to browse around the rest of the site. Five days a week Michelle posts great examples of textile design, photography, graphic design, illustration and more.

retro clip art

clip art collection from the early 1970s

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Really great collection. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks Nerdski!

nice to see. I am always overwhelmed with my unorganized shoeboxes of “stuff”. I’d be more inclined to pick stuff up at flea markets and such if I had a system. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting this! Man, I would love to go through all that stuff. I have a whole room full of vintage packaging and stuff that seriously needs to be organized. Some day I would love to open a design museum.(ahhh to dream)