My first reaction upon being greeted by the above images was to smile. These are two pieces from Toykyo, the rad Belgian-based firm. They seem to wear many design-hats, and have work on an interesting variety of projects. Their personality definitely remains visible throughout their work. I love the the stylized shapes, simplicity, and bold use of color. Plus, major points for working in a Pacman ghost next to an elephant!


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WOW these are amazing, I really love them!

Great post, thanks for sharing! I’ve just spent a good hour looking over toykyo’s work – fantastic! :)

these really put a smile on my face too :)’s nice to see a belgian firm represent on Grain Edit. I know these guys, they always come up with great stuff..You should see the city (Gent) we live in…they make an effort to decorate this otherwise greyish place with their nice drawings.
Keep up the good work!

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yo! nice stuff. :-)

Yeah Toykyo’s art is tight, i love it .

come spray in NZ.

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