Juno Safety Matches

juno safety matches

Grain Edit reader Dan Chamberlain sent in this rad safety match label from the 1970s.  He discovered it on a recent trip back to his hometown in Essex where he stumbled upon his Grandfather’s collection of matchboxes.

You can see some of the other labels from his grandfather’s collection here.

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Love it! Those were the day …

In Portugal, Tomar, you have a matchboxmuseum, Museu dos Fosforos
Small but awesome!
a preview, they have a huge collection:

I have this one too, I love it – it just looks so cheerfull with the rounded type and the gorgeous curves!

Great set! – Check out these Soviet space race beauties I picked up on eBay:

Have you seen these great indian matchboxes? It’s amazing!

barbara |

Found design |

Thanks for the tip one the museum. Is it a permanent collection or just on exhibition for a short time?

Dan + Barbara thanks for sending these links. Great stuff!

It’s permanent. It’s a really old fashioned small museum, just walls with old wooden displays, filled with a huge collection of matchboxes. We enjoyed it very much!
Tomar is just a little village, i think this matchboxmuseum and some taxidrivers playing card in a weird sort of treehousething (on the ground) are the only exciting things over there…