Spacesick’s Retro I Can Read Movie Series

I can read movies series

Spacesick absolutely nailed it with his I Can Read Movies Series. The series features cult movies redone as vintage paperback covers similiar to the Penguin book cover art of the 1950s + 60s.  Spacesick was partly inspired by Moss’s Movie Poster Remakes series, and all the musty old textbooks and digests that he used to love flipping through as a kid. I think my favorite is Highlander. Not only is the design great, but its absolutely hilarious.

(via neatorama)

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highlander! i wonder if im the only one who caught that.

mfshalem |

Found design |

hahahaha I think its just you and I Shalem on that joke. Thats taking backing it to the days of Northen Exposure and Mellow Minds!

and Jumanji!! long live Keene!

These are so neat! I especially like the Face/Off & Ghostbusters covers.

Grace |

Found design |

don’t trust a man with a saber…nice covers..

thomas |

Found design |

Wow! nice work