Penguin books – Book cover design

Penguin book cover design
1960s penguin book covers

Things magazine..wheew sweet mother! They have put together a kick butt gallery of penguin book covers. Includes beautiful covers overseen by Jan Tschichold as well as the late typographer Hans Schmoller. My favorite years are between 1961-1972 when Italian art director Germano Facetti was in charge of design. Facetti enlisted Polish graphic designer Romek Marber to redesign the look of the Penguin series and the rest is history.

Side note: Watched Jules Dassin’s Brute force last night. Great Flick. I also recommend Riffifi which was directed by Dassin as well.

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What an awesome collection…

I’m a little confused, aren’t the majority Pelican books? :)

i got this posted to

Thanks for posting it to You rock!
Did they post it yet? or is it still in submission stage?

If you can get to Bath, UK before 24th March, there’s a great little exhibition charting 70 years of Penguin design. It’s at the beautifully sited Holburne Museum. Details here:

There’s also a worthwhile talk on 19th March, by Phil Baines: writer designer and Prof of Typography.

My fave part of the exhibition was seeing the evolution of the logo artwork – totally charming. But, if you have a serious allergy to orange, I’d avoid this exhibition!

Wow..Awesome! Great work.

Awesome collection!!!

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