Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

This illustration spent some quality time as the desktop background on my laptop, and was the subject of many rave comments. London based illustrator/designer Jean Jullien did the illustration for Kitsune Noir‘s very cool desktop wallpaper project. I really love these dimensional illustrations, very bright, playful and quirky.

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The link to their website isn’t working!
Oh no!

I has also spend a few weeks looking back at me from my mac bg.
Love this paper cut out art:)

The link probably isn’t working due to site traffic. I was here a few weeks ago, the desktop wallpaper project is amazing, and is definitely worth checking back again for. I’ve been there repeatedly since I first grabbed a McBess wallpaper, and I can’t imagine having anything less than these wall papers on my monitors now!

i have had this image on my desktop for about 9 months.. i LOVE it.

Yeah, I had mine about that long as well I think. Just snatched up that new one from Gemma Correll. Looks like a keeper.

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