Eli No! Children’s Book

eli no childrens book

Eli No! tells the story of one trouble-making dog and the one word that is never far behind. The book was designed and illustrated by Katie Kirk & Nathan Strandberg of Eighthourday.

eli no! book

I love this image of a very content Eli lying on the floor after enjoying a trash can buffet of popsicles and hexagon shaped eggs. Eli seems to be a real pear hater.  He left both of them untouched. We’ll atleast he passed on the bacon and butter. Maybe he has high cholesterol?

We always had a few dogs around the house when I was growing up and they would get into everything. Unfortunately most of it wasn’t food. They would try to eat sponges and large plastic things. I’d love to see a list of everything they managed to eat over the years.


Did Eli find a Jewish forest? Eli chases a speedy little squirrel through a forest of menorah shaped trees.

Eli No! is filled with bright fun graphics and beautiful layouts. I can see kids falling in love with this kooky troublemaker.

You can see more images of Eli No! here.

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Gorgeous illustrations! I like the little squirrel in the last one.

We had a greyhound growing up that ate our full Christmas cake, complete with marzipan and icing. When we came home it couldn’t even stand up to hide, it just lay on the floor looking very ill and very guilty!

adorable and beautiful and sweet. (your comments are very funny too.)

they are the best thing to come to web design in the Twin Cities… and thats hard to say since they are competition and only 5 blocks from our office. We all LOVE this book

brilliant. and shocking that this isn’t sitting in Barnes & Noble right now.

I really love this book, is this going to be published?

I absolutely love this!


It will be a real shame if this book isn’t published. Katie, have you spoke with any publishers?

Hahahaha Greyhounds are so skinny. That cake must of been bigger then his body.

So pretty, love the compositions. Would buy this in a sec.

It appeals to me as a graphic designer, but I’m not sure it’ll appeal to children. Especially the page with the menorah trees really looks flat (in a bad way) and uninspiring, the dog doesn’t look like she’s running.

The page with the eating is far better – the composition is much clearer and most of the food is clear enough to be pointed at and identified – in spite of the shape-wankery :p

hee hee…reminds me of a book I loved when I was growing up called
“Rotten Ralph,” the story about a naughty rabbit who liked to bite and
scratch, and take a bite out of every cookie…although Eli is much more beautifully-illustrated.

This book has to get published. It is amazingly beautiful… and also i have a dog named Eli. Who is a beagle mix and i need this book :D

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Nate and Katie are both great people. I love finding excuses to run into them, and their dog, Eli, is tons of energy. She hit the nail on the head.

My friend just got this book as a birthday gift for her Mom, who also owns a chocolate lab named Eli! It’s really a gorgeous book.