Yearbooks, Trapdoors and Fish Sticks

mirage 68 yearbook

Found this 1968 yearbook for Depauw University a month ago. I have no idea how the island looking thingys tie in with the school, but I’m really digging it. I think I’m going to chop the front cover off and frame it. Anyone else have any ideas? Maybe I could use the top to make a series of designer trap doorsMirage might be a fitting title for that. Trap doors will be the hot thing in 2009, just wait and see. I’m also looking to heavily invest in secret underground passageways and fish sticks. If you have a cave and box of Gorton’s….let’s talk.

depauw mirage 1968 year book

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id say scan it and frame a quality print out… it would be sad to mutilate the original

Trap doors are awesome, but functionally I was thinking a set of Cabinets where
all the doors are covers from books. Mount the cover to plywood then drill wholes for a handle.

Yeah this is cool. Is it a heavily degraded head and shoulders shot of some bloke wearing a suit?

Good call with the cabinet doors. Books concealing books.

Hmm I don’t know if a print out is quite the same.

does the book it self have a preface, saying “yearbook, most likely to become a trapdoor” ? ………… and a geeky looking picture of the book in dodgy looking dust jacket next to it?

I love old yearbooks. If you go to and subscribe you can look at thousands of yearbooks. I got some great layout ideas, etc. A lot of fun.