SLEEPY TIME! Do Not Disturb Hotel Door Hangers

do ot disturb hangers

Athens Hotel door hanger + El Al Airlines hanger for sleepy time

Woah, Michael Lebowitz just posted an awesome collection of hotel door hangers.

vintage door hangers

also worth checking out:

Luggage label from Norway

Modern luggage label from Switzerland

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Pretty, clever design – the bottom one especially!

Yes, Like Dani, I also like the blinds one especially.

I have designed loads of door hangers for clients. They love them in the US and use them for everyday door to door marketing. The secret to making them a successful marketing tool is to add a clever little twist. Even the though the one with the blind is not a direct marketing tool it is a very clever concept. Thats what I love about graphic design, if you can imagine it, it is possible.

These are splendid. The third to the last on that link is amazing: a police man tipping his hat!

Love it, the second one is just a brilliant idea!

Impressive! Thanks for sharing this collection…

The collection is beautiful! Many thanks for sharing!

great work showing the prespective of the desighner. How he/she sees things in a creative manner