Grady McFerrin is Movin!

grady mcferrin illustration and art

Grady McFerrin moving announcement circa 2001

This one goes out to all the Grady Mcferrin fans up in this piece!

With the recent release of Grady’s line of products on Chronicle books, I dug up this golden corn from my nugget bank. This moving announcement dates back to 2001 and marks his transition to San Francisco (I think he lives in Brooklyn now). It’s hard to believe, but I found this at a yard sale a few years ago.  I have no idea how many he printed, but my guess is that it’s pretty limited.

The announcement looks like it was silkscreened. The dimensions are 7.25″ x 5″. To the Gocco experts out there: are those dimensions achievable with the large Gocco model?

Holla if you love Grady, Holla if you love Gocco, Holla if just love hollaring!

**Note – I erased the address and phone number, so all you McFerrin stalkers couldn’t go to the SF address looking for his old clothes and used pencil shavings.

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Love the Type

Holla-in for the sake of holla-in. Fantastic work.

Yea its good to let out a random holla sometimes, Thanks for hollarin’ in!

This is beautiful.

………… as opposed to un-used pencil shavings?

I love how the birds fit in and around him. Great piece!

Love this guy’s work. We need more Grady. Holla!

7.5×5 is pushing it on a regular gocco…i usually rock 6×4 which is nice and safe.

you could definitely print 7.5×5 with B5 screens on the PG Arts model quite comfortably.

charlie parker had, the worlds shortest right arm too ……………… a little known fact.

you are funny! Grady is a good friend and i will bet money that’s letterpress not gocco. And yes he lives in Brooklyn now.
good find!

Thanks Lorena, yea it could be letterpress

you haven’t seen un-used pencil shavings? I have some dead stock from the Bling dynasty. It’s worth its weight in dinner mints

this is a gocco masterpiece. mwa!