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Vette Annonce type specimen sheet late – Netherlands 1950s/ early 60s

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any type specimens, so I figured it was time to post this gem from Lettergieterij ‘Amsterdam’ (Amsterdam Type Foundry) which was founded by Nicolaas Tetterode. The specimen is a tri-fold that opens to reveal an 11 X 17 sheet. I’d love to know more about Tetterode, ATF, and this typeface. Can any of the typographers out there fill in the blanks? Has Vette Annonce been digitized? I believe “Vette Annonce” translates to “fat advertisement”. With that in mind, is “Vette Annonce” even the name of the typeface?

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A digital Annonce can be found here:

Pat Broderick |

Off Our Bookshelves |

Vette also means bold.
So thats probably what it it means here. :)
Also vette is a Dutch word while Annonce is a french one.
What’s a fat advertisment anyway:D

I love these!

Thanks snuppy.. Good question, what is a fat advertisement?

Thanks Pat,
I might have to pick this typeface up.



some background info

Annonce is also a Dutch word – from the French indeed, and it means
either ‘advertisement’ or announcement’ (for births, deaths, marriages etc).

The Netherlands was occupied by France from 1795 to 1813.

A vette/fat advertisement means that the ink was laid on thickly on the paper. A fat blob of ink, I guess!

Frederieke |

Off Our Bookshelves |

Vette also means bold, you’re right, and that meaning is more probable in commerce – who wants to pay extra for more ink, unless you’re going for the expensive look…

Frederieke |

Off Our Bookshelves |