Swiss Air ephemera – design by Kurt Wirth

Swiss Air leaflet - design by Kurt Wirth

Swiss Air leaflet - design by Kurt Wirth
Swiss Air pamphlet – designer: Kurt wirth and Paul Beer c1950s

SwissAir has a rich history with some of Switzerland’s finest designers. Over the last 60 years the Airline has worked with Karl Gerstner, Kurt Wirth, Donald Brun, Fritz Buhler and Siegfried Odermatt just to name a few. The pamphlet above is one of many brilliant pieces to result from this relationship.

It appears to be some sort of promotional piece for the Douglas DC 7 which was produced in 1956. I love how Kurt Wirth laid out the information.

You can see the rest of the pamphlet at Ace Jet 170. Many thanks to Richard for posting this gem.

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I don’t know how you come up with so many incredible finds. This is really great design and a blast to look at. Thanks as always for sharing such top talent through your blog.

This is a great piece of ephemera. I wonder if anyone has a collection that focuses on vintage SwissAir brochures like this one? If so, I’d like to profile them on the ephemera blog. Thanks for featuring it.

It’s plane to see…that poster is fly!

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Cavid.. I dig your name. I think we’ve met before.