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map the world

Fresh goods from the field! Here’s the latest batch of items to hit our shelves.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson is the Head of Integrated Design at McCann FP7 in Dubai. His stunning portfolio features editorial design, typography, and packaging, to name a few. His work is full of geometric patterns, clean type and coordinated color pallets that come together to create designs that are elegant and memorable.

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Woodcum is the monikor for one Philip Igumnov. Similar to the Jetpack image, his flickr stream is full of this vintage, 50s style ephemera. While the work is inspired and nostalgic, his take is decidedly more surreal and abstract. I love the use of collage and the sense of humor and play found in this collection.

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Device Creative Collaborative

device creative collaborative

Device Creative Collective is a branding studio out of North Carolina. Lately, they have produced several interesting projects that are both eye catching and cohesive. Their new studio stationary features letterpress printing of silver ink on red cardstock, creating a look that is vibrant without being affronting. Read the rest of this entry »

/Sponsor/ Squarespace

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House Industries Photo-Lettering App

photo lettering app
photo lettering app
photo lettering app

Has your instagram stream been inundated with Neutraface-laced images the past few days? If you’re wondering why, it’s because House Industries just launched an iPhone app. The new app allows users to create, edit and share photos with select House fonts and Photo-Lettering alphabets. Three fonts – Plinc Swiss, Bubble Gum and House Slant are included with the initial download. Additional fonts, including Neutraface, can be purchased for 99 cents. Download it for free at the iTunes store.

B/W we’re on Instagram now. yeah!

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Tom Whalen

tom whalen

Tom Whalen is a designer out of Pennsylvania, who has entertained a lifelong fascination with comics and monsters. This has resulted in the manifestation of an illustrator who creates vectors that appear ready to jump off the screen.

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Barrett Fry

barrett fry

Barrett Fry is a designer and a Texan. Or, at least, he is currently residing in Austin, Texas. He’s working at Pentagram under DJ Stout. His work is bold and colorful, with a strong emphasis on design for the food industry. Of all his projects, those were my favorites.

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Will Miller

will miller

Will Miller is the creative director and lead designer of Firebelly design studio in Chicago, IL. Miller takes creativity to another level, and doesn’t rule out any possibilities when it comes to his design process. Taking no shortcuts, his passion is evident in his work.

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Jefferson Cheng

Jefferson Cheng, design, illustration

Jefferson Cheng is a San Francisco based designer and illustrator with a clear, thoughtful, and playful aesthetic. He uses simple forms and limited colors to create striking images, and his latest zine, Houses, depicts just that in its images related to various domestic activities.

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Irving Harper: Works in Paper

irving harper

Irving Harper: Works In Paper is a recent monograph from Skira Rizzoli celebrating the multi-faceted designer, Irving Harper, with a focus on his incredible collection of paperboard sculptures.

As the director of design at George Nelson Associates in the 1960s, Harper contributed to numerous mid-century creations, namely the Marshmallow Sofa for Herman Miller furniture and the Ball and Sunburst clocks for Howard Miller, and also leading the design of the Chrysler pavilion for the 1964 New York World Fair. According to Julie Lasky who penned an essay for the book, the pressure of work ‘almost drove him to knit’, yet with his skills in building client presentation models in cardboard, he soon eased his way into sculpting with paper. Inspired by Picasso, African Art, Surrealism and de Stijl, Harper constructed whimsical characters and breathtaking abstracts mostly out of paper in addition to straws, wood, toothpicks, twigs, spare materials from his office and discarded doll parts from his daughter. His collection numbered close to 300 when he ran out of display space in 2000. He completed his stunning final piece which appropriately graced the book cover – an owl with glass eyeballs and draped in folded brown paper feathers.

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From the Job Board: EMP Museum

graphic design jobs

Exhibit Graphic Designer – EMP Museum (Seattle, WA)

You can subscribe to our job listings via RSS, Email or follow at Twitter and Facebook.

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Andreas Hidber

andreas hidber

Andreas Hidber is an accomplished designer out of Basel, Switzerland. Although his specialty is editorial design, Hidber also dabbles in branding and corporate identity.

The first piece that caught my eye was a newspaper designed for the JFK Festival for Youth Culture where he rotated every single element 45°.

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Caleb Heisey

caleb heisey

Caleb Heisey is a print designer and illustrator out of Philadelphia. Currently working on his MFA in Graphic Design, Caleb has produced several eye catching pieces that showcase his talents in illustration, branding and editorial design.

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Chris Mann

chris mann

I’m looking forward to seeing more from SF-based Chris Mann.  His small but growing portfolio wonderfully showcases his range and capabilities as a designer. From personal experiments with forms and type to full-blown branding projects, Chris’s work is thoughtfully executed and a pleasure to view.

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/Sponsor/ Boxshot

Boxshot is a realistic 3d mockup software, allowing designers to provide 3d visualization of artwork for customers.

It features 50+ shapes like 3d ebook covers, 3d boxes, CD and DVD boxes, binders, stationery, bottles, cards and much more. It also has the ability to load various 3D formats in case the shape you need is missing. In addition, Boxshot automatically adjusts the shapes to your artwork.

State of the art user interface and support of both Windows and Mac platforms make Boxshot a killer solution for professional designers. Give it a try now, while the discount (no code needed) is still valid!

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Brad Surcey

brad surcey

Brad Surcey is the designer director of Zeus Jones in Minneapolis. His projects include packaging and identity pieces, all possessing an air of elegant simplicity and functionality. His attention to detail is what takes his designs to the next level.

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Work hard and have fun. That’s the motto of Stoëmp, a Brussels based design studio focused on multi-disciplinary branding and web solutions. Their work for Pairi Daiza includes whimsical illustrations, font design and icons and signage.

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Recently Received

Paris line by line

What better way to start off the week than with some exciting new releases from our favorite publishers? Our latest installment includes whimsical architectural renderings by James Gulliver Hancock, reissues of obscure illustration classics by William Wondriska and Robinson and much more!

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