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From the Job Board

graphic design jobs

Assistant Art Director – fred flare (Brooklyn, NY)
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Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas

We’ve seen some amazing talent emerging from Spain recently and Sergio Membrilas is no exception. Sergio is a freelance illustrator from Valencia that possesses a keen eye for color, a wonderful sense of composition and a large writing utensil (see his profile picture). His portfolio is filled with editorial and advertising pieces that showcase his incredible skills in hand-lettering and character illustration. To keep up with all of his latest, follow this link.

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Element One

element one

Element One is a Polish design studio specializing in identity and publication design. Their work is crisp and to the point.

I’m a big fan of their editorial work; the use of scale along with type and image is fascinating. Nothing feels untouched. They can make things loud and bold but delicate at the same time.

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House Archive Boxes

house archive boxes

Looking for a stylish way to store your favorite things? Check out these corrugated storage boxes from House Industries. The first edition of the Archive Box features three different versions: a pattern based on House’s Neutraface Slab typeface, huge high-contrast numbers from Photo-Lettering’s Benguiat Montage alphabet and a typographic brace motif.

See them all here.

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Sophie Alda

Sophie Alda
A friend turned me onto London based illustrator Sophie Alda’s work, and I immediately fell in love. The content of her work is so strange and exciting, especially when she juxtaposes architectural buildings with unusual figures. Her use of muted tints and shades of color are a nice touch, as well as the various abstract forms she creates. Definitely be on the lookout for this gal!

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Bandito Design Co.

bandito design co

Bandito Design Co. is the home of designer/illustrator extraordinaire Ryan Brinkerhoff. Ryan has his hands firmly entrenched in the exciting gig-poster, screenprinting, music-meets-design scene. He also possesses some fancy hand lettering skills. Skim through his work: it’s hard not to like. I really love his color palettes, and the mileage he can get from using such a small number of colors.

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redesign / inspire

RE:DESIGN/Inspire will take place at the Public Hotel in Chicago on Sept 23 + 24. For these talks, the attendees sit down with creatives that have accomplished the ultimate trifecta—they imagine, execute, and inspire others. These small-scale discussions will take on the ultimate goal of any creative type—to be consistently and innovatively inspired. For more info including a full list of speakers check out the event website.

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Non-Format update

non format

Non-Format, has recently updated their portfolio with really exciting new work. Their artful interpretation of typography is really interesting, it shows an extreme range of thinking beyond traditional forms. Working for the biggest international clients, Non-Format has made a name for themselves as being on the forefront of modern design. Keep up with their latest work by visiting their website, and to get the full Non-Format experience, check out all of their past work in their archive!

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João Filgueiras Lima: Edifício Morro Vermelho

edifício morro vermelho

For fans of brutalist architecture, feast your eyes on this beautiful slice of Brasilian modernism conceived by architect João Filgueiras Lima. The Edifício Morro Vermelho complex, aka “Red Hill” housing. features a series of swiveling bright orange fiberglass panels that are not only pleasing to the eyes but also act as a functional shading device.

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Ze Cardoso

ze cardoso

Ze Cardoso is a designer, illustrator and artist hailing from Oporto, Portugal. Recently graduated, Ze has a number of interesting self-initiated projects on his site. I really like the colors and personality in this stamp project, a collaborative effort for CTT, Portugal’s national postal service. They’re bold and playful, and would make sending letters much more enjoyable.

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Recently Received

ganesha's sweet tooth

Here’s the latest batch of goodies to hit our shelves! Fresh picks from Chronicle Books, Neighbourgoods and Lumadessa.

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Created by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, aMAZEme immerses the audience in a labyrinth of books.

By participating in the installation, the audience discovers new textures, images and emotions. They become surrounded- hypnotized – by words and thoughts, designs and patterns. There appear to be secrets hidden in the installation’s walls; walls of up to 2.5 metres high, built from thousands of books, forming a large Maze of more than 500 square metres

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Tired of staring at a blank canvas? Need some inspiration? From acclaimed artist Keri SmithWreck This Journal encourages you to engage in “destructive” acts—poking holes in the page, making an ugly drawing, painting pages with coffee, and more—in order to engage more fully in the creative process. A new expanded edition of Wreck This Journal is available now, featuring 32 additional pages and four different covers to choose from. Check them out here! And from now through September 7, get a 15% discount on any and all of Keri Smith’s books by visiting and entering the promo code GRAINEDIT at checkout.

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Elena Giavaldi

Talented designer and illustrator Elena Giavaldi really knows how to make judging a book by its cover easy. As a book cover designer, she creates very cool, contemporary compositions for some of the best publishing houses in the business. She also manages to put very personal touches on each project, and add a bit of extra interest with unique type choices and very modern, experimental lettering. Other than her expansive covers archive, her portfolio runs the gamut of graphic design, making her an incredibly versatile designer. To keep up with Elena, look for her work in a bookstore near you!

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Joohee Yoon

joohee yoon, illustration

Joohee Yoon is an talented print maker with a fun colorful aesthetic. I was first introduced to her work a while ago through a friend that happened to have an amazing promo she created. Since then, I’ve been following her work closely and am always impressed by her meticulous eye for details. The textures she creates through layering are beautiful, as are the various patterns in her work. This illustration for NPR’s 2013 calendar captures everything I love about her work.

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Studio Patten

studio patten

I always enjoys seeing studios diverse in clients and in style. Madrid’s Patten does this very well, with their hands in many different areas. Stylistically they are bold and minimal, clever and catchy. Their work in fashion and design spans photography, illustration, lettering and poster design.

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