Map proves Zurich is pink

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Zurich never looked better in pink. Heres a promotional item produced by the Official tourists office of Zurich, Switzerland. I’m guessing it dates back to the early to mid 1950s. Layout and printing by Orell Fussli Arts Graphiques. I was able to find other projects designed by Orell Fussli but I couldn’t find any information on the firm itself. If anyone knows anything, please email me.

Dimension abc : Wood type specimens

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Dimensions Abc – This is a promotional piece from 1966 for a new paper produced by Simpson Lee paper company called Talisman. They chose wood type to compliment the texture of the paper. I love the layout and the ink is laid on here thicker then maple syrup. Looks like its part of a series since its labeled volume #9 winter 1966-1967.

The paper companies during this time period (late 1940s-mid 1960s) were cranking out some incredible pieces. Just look at the work Bradbury Thompson was creating for Westvaco, Marquandt paper’s - Design and paper series (including Erik Nitsche and Ladislav Sutnar) as well as Champion papers’ Imagination series. I will be posting some of these in the weeks to come.

Charles Harper: Illustrations for Ford Times

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Charles Harper’s work looks just as fresh and exciting today as it must of looked 40 years ago. Its been great to see a renewed interest in his illustrations mostly due to the recent release of Todd Oldham’s book Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. Heres a small sample of Charles’ work for Ford Times. The issues featured above are from the mid to late 60s. In addition be sure to check out the Charles Harper Flickr group. Enjoy!

Bernice Myers : Olivier

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Olivier – L’ours Savant – Illustrations by Bernice Myers – c1956

Erik Nitsche : Design and paper #34

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Erik Nitsche – Design and paper #34 195?. Part of a series put out by Marquardt and Company.  After you’ve absorbed the photos above check out this killer collection of Erik Nitsche designs put together by the people at Bustbright.

Ryohei Yanagihara – Fireboats! 1964

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