Jordan Gray

jordan gray

Jordan Gray is a designer and illustrator living in Missouri. Currently he’s an art director at Berstein-Rein, and on the side creates some real gems, like the album packaging shown above and below. As a designer, Jordan posseses the illustration skills for the a project like this to succeed – the composition, illustration style, palettes and concept all fit together so nicely.

And as an illustrator, he possesses the necessary design skills for his projects to succeed visually and conceptually. Also, this highlight from his website had me intrigued: “…I’m slowly coming along with a children’s book about beards.” This concept reminds me of Zach Galifianakis’s five-year old with a beard routine. Can’t wait to see this book!

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

jordan gray

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Wow! thanks a lot Grain Edit for the post. I’ve been a reader for a long time, so it’s quite the honor.

Since it peaked your interest, I decided to post the first sneak peak of my children’s book:

I can’t say anything more now because it’s a huge undertaking and I’m trying to keep the details secret, but you’re officially the first to see it!

Thanks again.

wow -beautiful design

this is beautiful! So cool

Love the beard illustration, Jordan. That book looks like a world of hairy fun!

Jordan does great work, cool to see his work featured!

Wow, great list! thanks! love to see beautiful Design!

Hi Jordan! Great works!

I simply love this. Clean & so much good ideas. Bravo!

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