Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford

Brighton University Graphic Design student Dan Mountford has an incredible series of portraits titled The Worlds Inside of Us. Dan describes this series as “a visual journey through our minds by calm and tidy means which the reality of everyday life does not show.” He explores the use of double exposure in his photographs, successfully isolating parts of an image in camera with no help from our friend Photoshop. His images are captivating with their thoughtful execution and composition, and there’s no doubt that we will be seeing more exciting work from him in the future.

Prints from The Worlds Inside Us series are available for purchase through Dan’s shop. To see more of Dan’s photos, as well as an ever growing portfolio of smart illustrations, visit his flickr. Be sure to also follow his tumblr account for news and updates.

Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford

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I literally gasped. Holy cow.

Mind = blown.

These are absolutely beautiful. The first and third are my hands-down favorites. Love love it. He’s a wonderful designer!

Beautiful~ Thanks for sharing.

I am OBSESSED with these images. They put a massive A in awesome.

this is absolutely captivating. Thank you

Joshua |

Found design |


Wow. Some of the freshest work I’ve seen in a while. Really really great!


the 1st and the last 1 poked my mind, #3 is a bit cliche. Love them all.

Kalorag |

Found design |

Wow. Amazing work. Fresh and original

These are just beautiful – I love the first one, a lot!

Just beautiful – love number 1, a lot!

The first one – love


Dan Mountford = FRAUD. Purchased some prints through his online store. He never delivered them. Asked him what was going on several times and got zero response.

Mikey |

Found design |

Mikey got his print just to clarify.

dan mountford |

Found design |