Wim Crouwel ‘in his own words’ by Toon Lauwen

wim crouwel

Here’s another book to add to the holiday wish list. Lauwen Books recently released Wim Crouwel ‘in his own words’, a selection of lectures and articles delivered by Wim Crouwel between 1973 and 2006. Considering Wim’s long and established history with design, I’m sure it’s a fascinating read full of inspiring stories and valuable insights. The book is currently sold out at typotheque, but it appears copies are still available directly through the publisher as well as Nijhof & Lee.

wim crouwel


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Nice book, but there’s a fair amount of typos and basic typography errors throughout.

Bobby |

Found design |

Thanks for the heads up, Bobby. Hopefully the typos will be addressed in a 2nd printing.

this books looks good, I wish I could have it to read. It is very stylish. congratulations for the book.

Seriously, avoid this book. It’s just not very good at all. You’ll be disappointed, I promise.

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