New Items in the Shop

el juego del buen comportamiento

Obscure children’s game juego del buen comportamiento

New items such as vintage kid’s books & games from Spain and educational charts/prints from the U.S have been added to the shop.

loto de socorrismo

Loto de Socorrismo

loto tablas de multiplicar

Loto tablas de multiplicar

historia de un tomate paliducho

Historia de un tomate paliducho ©1964 Illustrations by Julio Montanes


Confite – Obscure kid’s book from Buenos Aires, Argentina ©1969

mi diccionario
mi diccionario ©1974 Illustrations by Acosta Moro.

vintage kids poster

Vintage kids poster – Batteries make electricity

vintage kids poster

Vintage Kids Print – Magnetism passes through things

vintage kids poster

Vintage Kids Print – The Lever

We still have a couple of grain edit/ Invisible Creature shirts left as well.

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