2010 Sasquatch! Music Festival Poster

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2010 by Invisible Creature

Every year at the end of May (since 2002) the Sasquatch! Music Festival rears it’s hairy head in a small town along the Columbia River in Central Washington. The three day bash features bands like Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem, They Might Be Giants and Camera Obscura just to name a few. The promo poster for Sasquatch! 2010 (created by grain edit fave Invisible Creature) features a whale whose blow hole juice magically controls Abobe’s text wrap feature and a giant furry beast that can easily touch the esurance logo found floating in our atmosphere. If you were unable to make the show you can still pick up some of this poster sweetness right here.


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Great poster.

George |

Poster Picks |

An awesome poster for an amazing festival!

Don’t forget to check out all of the 20+ posters designed for each band at Sasquatch, featured in this blog post here:


Orange + blue … awful. It’s everywhere these days.
An otherwise fun poster ruined by the same old suffocating color scheme we’ve been staring at for like 2, maybe 3 years now?

At least poster artists have lightened up on using starbursts as a background for everything.

Chris |

Poster Picks |

Great Poster! Good balance in design, nice attention to detail and I like the colors.

I don’t think this is Jesse LeDoux’s best piece. This looks a lot like his other work but I’ve seen him do better.

You can actually view all the posters for all the Sasquatch bands / gigs from past years here:


Great poster and color scheme!

I like this poster. It also fits with esurance’s image for breaking the traditional insurance company mold that most present themselves as.

They had some of the best auto insurance prices until a competitor offered a deep discount.

Never the less, esurance is fun company.

I love this poster as well as most of Invisible Creature’s other creations. If you haven’t yet, you should check out Invisible Creature’s web page and view their samples. Great stuff.