The Sign Painter Movie

sign painter movie

Production recently started on The Sign Painter. The new documentary on sign painting will include interviews with several of the artists that still practice this age-old craft. The directors, Sam Macon & Faythe Levine, were recently in San Francisco to capture footage of Jeff Canham, Bob Dewherst, New Bohemia Signs, and Jimmie “the saint” Collier. You can find more info on the film at the website and official Facebook fan page.

sign painter movie

sign painter movie

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Also worth checking: Jeff Canham

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looks promising, unfortunately handmade nation was nowhere near as good as the praise it received. if you want to see some inspiring craft artists, check out PBS’s Craft In America.

jacob |

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You should check out this short documentary called ‘Up There’ directed by Malcolm Murray. It gives a beautiful and magical insight to the slowly dying art of sign painting. Viewers get transported high up in the sky—to witness the craft and courage, the calm and collected and talent of these quiet artists.

Dr Elias Orion |

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Have to disagree with jacob, Handmade Nation was a fantastic snapshot of the new ideas behind craft. Loved it and was super inspired! Can’t wait to see where Faithe goes with this doc. Supporting her all the way!

Wonderful, can’t wait either! Hope it will screen in Europe, too.

Have been looking around in Germany to find some people who still hand-paint signs, but no luck so far… Anyone knows something or someone?

The craft of sign painting will die if the world or we will allow it. I am positive in a way that although we have few practitioners left, I think with enough exposure and help from the other artist sign painting can bounce back from the bottom.

I’ve been in a few Asian countries and you will be amaze how these artist overseas are maintaining and making a living out of this craft. If you will go to flickr and type Philippine Jeeps you will see that Sign Painting is still alive.

I have been really enjoying seeing all the sign artists envolved in the movie. Some are friends.
Sign painting is far from dead although with the advent of “The Vinyl Slappers” it is much more difficult to make a great living from it.
I have been a “Sign Painter for over 40 years now and still love it !


Thanks !

you asked about traditional sign writers in Germany?
Talk to Manfred or Marcus at
(tell them Doug from island Sign sent you)

Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the comments about our new project. We’ve got some really great interview’s collected so far and have a long way to go until we are done.

A quick word regarding the first comment about Handmade Nation. Craft In America and Handmade Nation are about to very different aesthetics happening within handmade & craft today. I hope that people get the opportunity to watch both films if they are interested in the people behind the objects.

Faythe Levine
co-director, “The Sign Painter Movie”

Awesome. I loved Handmade Nation and I think Sign Painter sounds really interesting, tons of potential here.

I hope this brings back a resurgence of hand painted signs.

excellent work! will be fallowing your works its gives me really good inspirations.. thank you!

Fantastic, can’t wait to see the documentary, hand lettering rocks.

There is something about hand painted letters that evokes an attitude and emotion that print and vinyl media can not touch. If sign painting dies so will the human soul.

I had no idea, this will be amazing!

I painted signs for 30years..till the computer came along . The sign painting I do now is in the pictures I paint….old gas stations , barns and buildings.

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