Typ journal from Czechoslovakia

Typ journal from late 1940s in Czechosolvakia

Young people working in the printing industry in Czechoslovakia from 1920s to mid century were graced with a beautiful journal, Typ. The decision to use only a couple of colors, lots of negative space, play with alignment, and change the placement of the title kept the design on the forefront, in the late 40s and today.

Typ journal from late 1940s in Czechosolvakia

Via Amass


Also worth checking: Typografische Monatsblatter.

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The decision to use only two colors and the large negative space was mostly due to cost effectiveness. Designers had to be more creative with a much smaller budget back then.

Giorgetta McRee |

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It’s amazing how less is more.


Lovely compositions. Like Giorgetta said, constraints drive creativity.

Thank you for share