Matte Stephens Studio Visit

matte stephens

I’m excited to announce that I will be writing for Herman Miller’s Lifework blog from time to time. The blog which recently launched in December, explores issues that arise around working from home.  For my first contribution, I spoke with artist Matte Stephens about his inspiring workspace. You can see the full piece here.

matte stephens


Also worth checking: Matte Stephens Interview.

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I too love mid century design pieces and own and cherish several of them in my home and work space.

Now, slightly off the design topic, I’ve recently become obsessed with classic typewriters and noticed that Matte has one sitting on a desk in one of the photos. Can you give me some details on the model and whether he uses it as an actual workhorse or if it’s more of a showpiece? I’m looking for a recommendation for a work of art that can be put to use as well.

Thank you so much, Grain Edit, for your continued inspiration.


I love Matte Stephens’s work! His studio fits the aesthetic in his work so well.

Hi Donna,
Could you re-post the question over at the Herman Miller blog?

I’ll get Matte to answer it.

Congratulations Dave! Awesome blogging role. And great first piece about making a live-and-work space as creatively tuned and inspiring as it can be over time.

Thanks Nate!