Jay Ryan

jay ryan

Andrew Bird @9:30 Club poster – Designed and Illustrated by Jay Ryan

The work of Jay Ryan was one of my first introductions to graphic design and gig posters — way back in the olden days. I spent many quality hours checking out his website and taking in his work at Flatstock. Screenprinted squirrels, eccentric characters, and hand lettered typography? It’s so interesting that these diverse objects can come together and say something so compelling about a band like Shellac, or Built to Spill, or Sebadoh.

Jay Ryan is this week’s poster pick — and you can purchase his work through Poster Cabaret.

jay ryan

Monsters of Folk Chicago poster

jay ryan

Pitchfork 2009 Music Festival poster


Also worth checking: Jason Munn/ Small Stakes Interview.

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Jay rules, and he’s a super nice guy to boot. His work inspires me.

fantastic works!

Mr. Ryan also has a new book out: ‘animals and objects in and out of water’.
A great read!
Check it out here: http://www.thebirdmachine.com/detail.php?uid=FDF105

Thanks Bruce for the heads up! It looks like it’s a great book.