Introducing the Grain Edit Job Board

grain edit job board

Introducing the grain edit job board. For job seekers, we already have some listings posted plus on the main page of the job board you can sign up for job alerts or subscribe to the job listings RSS feed. We’ve also created a twitter account for the job board , so you can follow listings there as well. We’ve added a link to the new section in our top navigation, so you can easily access the listings whenever you want.

For companies interested in posting a listing to our job board, we offering a special discount. Use the coupon code ‘promo’ to receive 50% off.


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Not signed up for the Grain Edit RSS Feed yet? Give it a try. Its free and yummy.



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hmm… i hoped the listings might be a little more grain-edity…

still a cool addition though.

Awesome!! What a great resource, thanks Grainedit.

Finding good designers–especially ones that frequent Grain Edit–is a always helpful but it does seem kind of random for your site. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

Great addition to the site. I’m sure this will help a lot of designers.

anyone know what script font is being used in the image? It’s lovely!

Hey Jeff,
It’s Bickham Script Pro.

Strong Odors (Ha! Love the name) – We see the job board a long term investment. We’re hoping over time our board will attract companies that align with the grain edit aesthetic and that we’ll be able to provide a wider range of job opportunities.

Scott – We felt the job board would be a valuable addition to the site since we receive emails from students trying to break into the work force & designers that are out of work. Hopefully over time it will prove to be a useful resource.