Autografik: Modern Transportation Graphics


Hell yea. Cool logos on trucks + vans! It doesn’t get much better then this. The Autografik flickr group is set to serve as an archive for modern design applied to motor vehicles. Thanks to Jonathan Turner aka insect54 for setting this bad boy up.

transportation graphics

transportation graphics


Also worth checking: Donald Brun poster.

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nice collection
gotta love those graphics on old vw’s

Brilliant – love the Lufthansa splitty! Great idea for a Flickr group.

What’s the book in the bottom image?

Nick Hudspeth |

Found design |

Hey Nick,
The book is Design Coordination and Corporate Image by FHK Henrion

I’m just about to get the company car stickerized and this article has made me stop and think. Maybe a cool retro look is the way to go – may be I need to swap the MINI for a VW bus