Tom Messenger

Tom Messenger, a designer and illustrator from London, makes one of the best t-shirt prints I’ve seen. I love his bold stripes, buttons, colors, and breast pocket details. Tom’s work has great texture and personality to it. His range of color accentuates his very flat, bold style nicely.

That Kong typeface below looks to be pretty rad as well.

Check out Tom’s nice, simple portfolio website.

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Great find! The colors he uses in his work are wonderful. His flickr page also has lots of his work- I especially love this bicycle print:

He must be a time traveler. Fantastic work!

His T-shirt reminds me of German!

This post brings to mind an old adage from my art college days; “the best designers make the best illustrators”, and vice versa. I really enjoyed the wide range of approaches he used to solve the design problems in his portfolio. Some good thinking going on behind these fun-to-look-at pieces!

everything about that ash tray is awesome