Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions

josh brill

Western Tanager 5″x7″ – Designed by Josh Brill

Cool bird prints from Josh Brill. Josh is the man behind Lumadessa, a little art and design label out Portland, Maine. The prints are from his Flora Fauna collection which catalogs the design identities of plants and animals from around the world. The collection also examines the visual character differences and similarities of species. It’s a field guide of discovery, beginning with birds.

josh brill

josh brill

Check out the hot cone on the red head. Looking Purty!


Also worth checking: Mein Erster Brockhaus – German Children’s book.

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Wow, these are awesome! They’re a bit reminiscent of Charley Harper‘s work, and I mean that as a compliment.

Speaking of Harper, there’s an exhibit of his originals that’s opening today in a Modern house in LA. Between the work and the architecture, it’s an event that seems right up Grain Edit’s alley!

I really like the lines…

and I like how these make me feel.

Love these! I wish they were presented in a book.

Alisa |

Found design |

Too much like Charley Harper’s work!

Absolutely Beautiful. One of those, “Ah crap I wish I had done that” moments. I think Charley would love and appreciate these.

These are great. I don’t mind that they are like Charley Harper’s stuff.

i feel like these are so much more elegant that harper’s work. the transparency especially. just beautiful.

allison Kerst |

Found design |

wonderful. reminds me of poster designer mcray magelby’s 80′s BYU poster series.

doug |

Found design |

Nice designer field guide of birds! Very cool!

Its good design/illustration, I’d be more inclined to purchase them if they were silkscreened.

These are Beautiful Josh! blessings, Eva