Vintage German “Vero Construc” Booklets

Vero Construc, Germany, Graphic Design

Vero Construc toy construction kit -1975

Nuts, bolts, and sprockets! These are the makings of fine toys, as well as these awesome vintage booklets!

Created for the East German toy company Vero in 1975, these colorful booklets itemize all of the pieces included in the “Construc” construction kit and instructs children in building a stop light. The back cover reads, “Toys With System for the Creators of Tomorrow’s World.” How inspiring!

Vero Construc, Germany, Graphic Design

Vero Construc, Germany, Graphic Design

Vero Construc, Germany, Graphic Design

Vero Construc, Germany, Graphic Design

Both the catalog and manual are well designed, offering clean lines, neat diagrams, a simple color palette, and drool-worthy type. Interested in seeing more from the Vero Construc booklets? Visit toxi’s flickr!

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Wow…if only instructions these days looked like this I’d be building stuff all the time.

Das ist wunderbar!

whoooo! reminds me that i’ve got several of those somewhere at my parents home from the good old days :)

My parents comment the following:

Wow, these DDR toys are completely copied from our designs for SIO Holland. We know that it happened in these years. Our original designs where named SIO Montage. Presented in Nurnberger Spielwaren Messe. Always the next year the models were stolen by VERO.
/ The designers

I’ll post some pics of the original books and toys.

I think these were on Design Observer a week ago or something.

Sweet childhood memories :) I played with this stuff quite alot.