Poster Cabaret Bicycle Art Prints

invisible creature

Nor Cal – Designed by Don Clark of Invisible Creature – 17.5″x17.5″

We’re excited to announce The Poster Cabaret 2009 Bike Print Set. Bicycle ridership has increased in recent years and as someone that rides daily I am glad to see so many artists inspired by them. The series features artists like Don Clark of Invisible Creature, Eleanor Grosch of Pushmepullyou Design, Brian Turner of The Cricket Press, Jay Ryan, and Diana Sudyka.

All are interesting and dynamic designs that will no doubt not simply appeal to cyclists. I love what Eleanor Grosch has done in the aptly titled ‘Bicycle’. It is an awesome design made up of a few simple shapes and colors, but it drew my attention immediately.

The limited edition prints are available at

eleanor grosch

Bicycle – Designed by Eleanor Grosch 12.5″x19″

circket press

Battle Ready – Designed by The Cricket Press 13″x22″

diana sudyka

Rene Herse – Illustrated by Diana Sudyka 12.5″x18″

jay ryan

Not Coming Back – Designed by Jay Ryan 12″x19″


Also worth checking: Invisible Creature Interview & Eleanor Grosch Interview

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Some of these same people are involved in a great cause called Screens ‘N’ Spokes. There are those out there that just can’t seem to get enough bike art, and I have to mention that S’N'S is worth checking out. I did a print for the last year, and it was awe inspiring to see how all these artists stepped up and how much it was able to generate for the cause.

If this is against the comment rules, I do apologize.

-Mark Forsman

the Nor Cal poster is brilliant!

Amazing posters – love every one of them. It’s always good to see great art inspired by bicycles.

Since 2007, I’ve run a bike poster art show called ARTCRANK in Minneapolis. And I’m thrilled to announce that the show is coming to San Francisco on October 24. Get all the details at

If you’re a lover of art about bikes and the people who ride them, put the show on your calendar.

And if you’re a Bay Area artist interested in producing a poster for the show, please contact me for details – my email address is on the show web site.


I love these. Especially the Nor Cal print. My husband and I ride often, but for him it’s a daily love too. Love the Artcrank shows too! Wish one would come to our sunny side of the states!Best!Jen