Conor Oberst Concert Poster

conor oberst poster

Conor Oberst Concert Poster by Vahalla Studios. Handmade three color silkscreen measures 18″x 24″.

The poster pick series presses on with a piece by Tad Carpenter of Vahalla Studios. I like the limited color palette used in this poster and think that it compliments the scene perfectly. It is quiet yet delightful. The use of pattern throughout the poster is as terrific as the type choices. Plus, I’m a sucker for buildings in a background.

You can purchase the Conor Oberst poster at


Also worth checking: Tad Carpenter.

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Looking good, although I would like to see it without the background textures, might have a bit more punch! Still, it’s a great poster!

Yeah, great poster. I have to say, I enjoy pretty much the backround textures.

Great choice … Tad has beautiful work and it’s even better in person .. I have some of his work on my wall

A great poster from one of KC’s finest illustrators!

what’s the typeface used for “conor oberst” ?????

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Tad, if your reading this. What typeface did you use for “conor oberst”?

Hey! Thanks everyone for the kind words! Thanks Dave for the post! Really appreciate it. Yes it is Lodge. I am a Lodge junky and use it way too much. I love that type face. Thanks again!

I love the old Timey Baseball guys. This poster works well. The dark olive color reminds you of sepia a bit. Cheers!