Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter

Love the variety from Kansas City designer/illustrator Tad Carpenter. His character illustrations are super imaginative and unique. It’s nice to see the range of his work as well: traditional design, installations, posters, identity, packaging, painting, and more. Lots of fun type poking out here and there as well.

In addition to his personal work Tad ropes steers at Design Ranch during the day, and co-runs Vahalla Studios, a screen printing super shop.

Vahalla recently had a gallery show. See the highlights video on Tad’s blog.

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I would agree that TC’s work is as unique as it is entertaining to see. It’s hard not to feel better about your day after seeing what he does. My favorites are his two part monster posters. If you want to see the man sketch, check out his website. His sketches are as good as the final product. I’m glad to see his illustration on your site. Good things.

I love Tad’s work. Humbling, inspiring, and unabashedly cheery and bright. I count myself fortunate to have him as a friend. E-highfives Tad-o.

Yay Tad is amazing!! Love love love his illustrations. Great post!

I was just w/ Dan (Vahalla) & Tad over lunch…what a bunch of goobers!

Great work Tadly!

hats off to you, grain edit, for posting Tad’s work. he sure does some great stuff and it’s cool to see it featured on here. yay!

Tad is awesome. I love the two part monsters. I plan on buying the whole set some day and lining a hallway in my house with them and rotating them on a regular basis. My wife doesn’t know about these plans yet, but we don’t need to tell her.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for all the nice comments for sure. I appreciate all the nice words. I really enjoy doing what I am doing so means a lot. Great honor to be featured here on Grain Edit. C-ya all soon!

I’ve been a big fan of this Tad character for many years now, and I still get such a smile on my face when I see his work!!
Fantastic job buddy.