Renegade Craft Fair

renegade craft fair

This weekend the grain edit crew headed over to the Renegade Craft Fair. The event was held at the giganticle Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion. The place was packed with Men of the Yarn and friendly Thimble Queens all carefully curating their collections of handmade goodness. I’ve never seen so many t-shirts and pillows in my life! It was a palace of soft joy!

We had a blast meeting everyone. Handshakes & hugs to the following people: Frank Chimero, A. Micah Smith A.K.A My Associate Cornelius, Lorena Siminovich & the crew from Petit Collage, Sasha Barr and Meagan Claire Hall of Wonder Thunder and Klover Kim (Please don’t break my arm, if you don’t win the next giveaway!)

renegade craft fair

A. Micah Smith and Frank Chimero

renegade craft fair

Prints by A. Micah Smith A.K.A My Associate Cornelius

renegade craft fair

Pillows by Matteo Ilasco

renegade craft fair

Mobiles by Petit Collage

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

Cool Randl notebooks over at the Chikabird store

renegade craft fair

Sasha Barr and Meagan Claire Hall of Wonder Thunder.

renegade craft fair

Prints by Wonder Thunder

renegade craft fair

I was loving these Toast pillows by Wonder Thunder.

renegade craft fair

Posters by Sonenzimmer

renegade craft fair

T-shirts by Campfire Goods

There were lots of great booths at the show. I wish we had more time because I was looking forward  to meeting Nate Duval as well as the people at Hello Lucky, The Poster List Seattle Show Posters.


Also worth Checking: Frank Chimero Interview, Sasha Barr, Petit Collage alphabet Poster

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Awesome! I went to Renegade Brooklyn last year and it was unbelievable. THIS is why I must live closer to a big city…

Cat, did you sell at the sale last year or just visit? I heard the Brooklyn sale was amazing this year.

Cool pictures. I went to the on in LA that was the weekend before, really good stuff.

Thanks for sharing nerdski!

Wish I lived somewhere cool where there was stuff like this. The art fairs in Oklahoma are well…. interesting.

Abby S. |

Events |

As a small town girl in TN, I’m totally jealous! :D

Those toast pillows are great. I love seeing how people handle setting up their booths.

Wonderful stuff at the Renegade Craft Fair, picked up some gorgeous prints from Nate Duval and Jen Skelly as well as a this ridiculous print from Sonnzimmer: good stuff all around! Made up my mind to have a booth there next year!

Good to meet you guys! Thanks for coming through, we had a great time!

Yo Richard, What day did you go?

This looks so cool, we don’t get craft fairs like this in London!

Dave, my girlfriend and I swung by on Sunday and actually bummed into Grace from the blog.

Richard – Ahhh ok. I was there on Sat. Maybe I’ll run into you one of these days. It would be nice to meet you in person.

Sasha – Great to meet you & Meagan as well!

What an awesome show! Wish I were near the San Fran area for that.

Dave! Thanks for sharing man…great to meet you & the lab partners!

Nice pics! I went on Saturday here are my pics if anyone needs to use them

great pics Anita! Thanks for sharing

So fun meeting Dave and Grace and Frank Chimero!
But what do you mean “IF” I don’t win the next giveaway?

It was such a great fair and definitely much more bigger than last year.

Sherry |

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Dave, we were so happy to meet you guys in person, finally!

Have I been living in a hole?! I’m so bummed I didn’t know about this fair until now…A) I would have enjoyed the goods, and B) it would have been great to meet the Grain Edit team in person.

Can’t wait until the Chicago show. I had just found out about it after it happened last year and then I was sick when it was time for the Holiday one.

I’m going to have to bring some (a lot!) money with me because the stuff looks amazing. Then I am going to need more wall space to hang all of the posters I buy…