The New Year / Sasha Barr

Sasha Barr

The New Year is the one man super-shop run by Sasha Barr. Sasha illustrates, designs, and prints lots and lots of posters (among other things). I’m really impressed by the amount of work, and the variety of ideas and execution. His work is a nice combination of rough textures, type, hand-drawn and found images, and fun, quirky ideas.

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Yeppers, Sasha is one of my fav’s. Fantastic body of work.

Yeah I love Sasha’s style… bought a few things off him in the past… top fella.

I really like the new work for flatstock

Ahh. I didn’t see that Flatstock stuff until just now. Really nice.

Excellent work, and a really nice dude, too.

Sasha’s stuff is awesome. I bought a cushion and iPod sock from his etsy page, love it! Check it out: