Petit Collage animal alphabet poster

petit collage aninal alphabet poster

Animal Alphabet 18 x 24 poster. 3 color screen print

I first ran into San Francisco based Lorena Siminovich’s work at a local store that carries modern goods a few years ago. It was the Elephant collage seen on this page that caught my eye. Since then she has released a small zoo of colorful collages, posters and notecards.

The poster seen above is the latest addition to her collection. Check out that chocolate elephant! He’s hanging out with his mysterious friend that starts with a letter “i” and drinking some yummy camel leg. Lots of Fun!

You can see this poster and the rest of the collection at Lorena’s website: Petit Collage.

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I believe that mysterious “I” creature is an inch-worm. However, I don’t know what type of fish starts with an X.

Birth of the Cool was allright. The exhibit is really small. There’s a room focusing on events of the time period (40s – 60s); there’s a small room displaying some modern furniture; there’s a room dedicated to “cool jazz” and mid-century animation; and there are a lot of simplistic, abstract paintings and architecture photos by Julius Shulman. The highlight, for me, was the small display case of original Alvin Lustig brochures, invitations, and book covers. It’s worth checking out.

Harley Charper |

Found design |

very cute!

p.s. “X” is for x-ray fish (

annie |

Found design |

great poster lorena! would love to be it in my kids
room ( and mine! ;-) )!

mark jaquette @
illustrationism & bammgraphics

LOVE the textures & design. And color palette. Love everything about it!

Yea, I think your right. It must be an inch worm. Anyone know what “U” is? Urchin maybe ? as in sea urchin.

love the color combo used…

Great creative work, this educational poster is suitable for kids’ room or even in kinder garden classes.