Jonathan Calugi / Happy Lovers Town

Jonathan Calugi
This work from Italian designer/illustrator Jonathan Calugi is summed up nicely with his moniker Happy Lovers Town. Jonathan’s work is fun, friendly, quirky, and awesome — just like a town full of happy lovers.

I love how Jonathan’s work mixes playfulness with a sharp typographic and design sensibility. His work ranges from custom designed typefaces, to illustrative patterns, to publication design and apparel.

Check out his website, and Behance portfolio.

Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi

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Grande Jo!!!!

I really like Jonathan’s work – reminds me of Emil Kozak’s too :

skeletor |

Found design |

^^ I was going to say the same thing. I thought it was emil actually.

Oh yeah, Emil’s work rocks too. I love his skate decks.

Ethan |

Found design |

Really well done!

Great work! thanks for sharing!

This looks really awesome!

very sad….
it’s a copy-paste of Emil’s work.

Emil |

Found design |

Looks really nice. A copy of emil? Well… is it?

Yeah this looks very good, ok its a copy.

Thats really good wor, I like it.

Thanks for sharing. That looks very good.

emil or not… it’s a great work.

emil or not… its a good job!

Very nice design, good work here!

Great work, very interesting. Thanks

Nice designs, looks good.

It’s great and reminds me also of Kozak:

@dobar: the copy is not so bad…;-)