Buddy Carr Skateboard Designed by Antonio Carusone

buddy carr skateboards

Buddy Carr Skateboards teamed up with Antonio Carusone of Aisle One to create this beautiful board. Now you can Ollie and say hello at the same time.

Here’s the details:

  • Limited Edition of 100.
  • 7 Ply Maple Veneer Deck with Concave and Single Kick. (28″ x 7.875″)
  • Bennett Vector Trucks 5.0 Model.
  • 62mm 78 Durometer Urethane Wheels.
  • Sealed Dual Shield Precision Steel Ball Bearings.
  • Custom Laser Cut Griptape with Logo.
  • Each Hello Skateboard is Hand Assembled in Southern California.

buddy carr skateboards

buddy carr skateboards

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That’s what I call lazy design.

glenn |

Found design |

this is sick! I want to shred with it right now!

There is nothing interesting (or good) about that design. The only reason “you people” like it is because it’s on a skateboard, and skateboarding is “so in” right now. Grab your seat on the bandwagon…

not_impressed |

Found design |

I was originally very interested in it… but mostly because, as you said, it’s on a skateboard. I still do enjoy it, it’s a clean design on a skateboard and you don’t see that very often but at the same time subconsciously I agree with it being “lazy design” and “so in” right now.

I thoroughly enjoy the design/concept. I personally know Buddy and the shape/outline, length, choice of wheels work in harmony and simplicity of design. A well rounded package. The shipping box is even incorporated into the design.

Don’t just look at the basic clean font, think of what the purchaser of the board is getting. A well written graphic/product story.

Doug Owens |

Found design |

i like it and i am not a skater.

What is this doing on Grain Edit?

With all due respect, I think the term “designed” is an overstatement here.

Jeff |

Found design |

missing ‘marhaba’, from the 6th most widely spoken language on the planet. 246,000,000 speakers, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

wow people get upset pretty easy. whether it is lazy or not, it’s been designed that way. Personally I like it, it delivers its idea without layers of noise or referencing. But of course “interesting” is subjective. some sweet wheels right there

daniel |

Found design |

So what’s the price for a great sk8 design?

Daniel Hagy |

Found design |

“There’s a very thin line between simple and clean and powerful,
and simple and clean and boring.”

David Carson

Bora |

Found design |

What font is being used on the skateboard, it would be great help if someone could give me the exact name or one very similar.

Eddie Gonzalez |

Found design |

Eddie, the typeface is Avant Garde.

how do you guys not like this board? how can u call this lazy? because its white with black letters? this board is super clean, not overdone with tons of needless details, and simple, which is exactly what a skateboard should represent in my opinion. it looks like the same care and thought an architect would put into a tower was put into this board

Evan |

Found design |

None of those things would matter once you are rolling on the streets. Most of the time what you’ll be looking at is the black sandpaper you are stepping on. Nevertheless it is a very clean graphic and probably fit to be hanged on the living room wall than to be shredded on the streets.

arden |

Found design |

honestly I just love this bored I only use skateboards to get to my classes not just because its in right now its just faster and easier.