Chad Hagen: Nonsense Info Graphics

What is this graph measuring? Stalagmite height? Point source density? Christmas tree farm growth? We don’t know, but they sure do look good. Chad Hagen has made a great collection of “Nonsense Info Graphics” and put them in a set on his Flickr.

I like the idea of designing the graphic before the information or content is in place. It’s interesting to see how the graphic stands on its own, removed from any meaning. Chad’s other work is compelling as well, with the same emphasis on experimentation and concept.

Chad Hagen

Chad Hagen

Chad Hagen

(via the very cool Fancy Frills)


also worth checking: color wheels and information design


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Thanks for sharing. Very nice work.

I just love that second and last one.

Joris Docx |

Found design |

Wow. I really like these. Thanks for posting!

Sometimes nonsense makes sense. These are absolutely beautiful.

how does one become an owner of one(or more) of these marvelous works?

carmen |

Found design |

Not certain but I believe Chad needs to kick out some prints. My office is begging for some of these.

Wow, oh wow. These are insanely awesome. They are begging for a print run.

Yes. Big. Prints. Please!

James Dougal |

Found design |

This reminds me of the solar do nothing machine.

Very kind comments! Thanks everyone! Thanks Dave!
Stay tuned. Prints to come soon.


Sweet illustrations – please keep me posted if you do print theese!

All the best!