1970 Belgian Co-op Stamp

belgian stamp

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any stamps, so I figured it’s time. This stamp commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Alliance Cooperative Internationale. It was issued on the 27th of June, 1970 and was designed by J.Malvaux.


Also worth checking: 25th Anniversary of Belgian Social Security Stamp

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Simple and gorgeous. I love the Co Op logo too!

A thing of beauty. Very sexay!

soo nice :)
what is the font that was used?

It looks very similar to the type used in the ABC network logo designed by Paul Rand…like extremely similar. It was custom designed for that logo, so I don’t think it’s a stand alone font.

I’m guessing it’s a custom type job.

Hum.. I asked because the stamp P is just like Publix Supermarket’s logo.
Well thanks for the answers guys.