Anna Monika Jost

Olivetti poster

Olivetti / Charter Hall Nairobi 1966 Offset 84×59.5 cm

Stunning poster by Anna Monika Jost. I’m guessing all the circular shapes are either gumball’s or typewriter keys. I’m betting on the later (secretly wishing it’s the gumballs though). I wonder if all the letters and numbers spell out some sort of code. Wait a minute, Olivetti is in Italy. Maybe its a code prediciting the release date of the Davinci code part 15 starring Tom Hank’s son. Whoops, sorry I got sidetracked. Back to Jost. Anyone have any info on her? I couldn’t find much online.

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I love this.. So fun, whimsical, and happy!


Chris Mulligan |

Found design |

Love these colours together:)
Wishing m&m’s came in this combo:)

Right there with you Helen! I’d buy those in a sec.

I’m thinking the round things represent typewriter platens. *bing!

She is the aunt of Shelburne Museum Director Stephan Jost. She lives in Paris, but is from Klosters, Switzerland.

I agree that it is a stunning design.

will |

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The round thingies could represent gears. I learned to sew on a 1963 Olivetti sewing machine. You changed the stitches by inserting round notched plates to make decorative stitches.

Gasp! I love it! It just works so well :)