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In our previous post on the kid’s board game Loto de Socorrismo we asked our readers to create captions for the images. We’ve selected our five favorite captions, but we need your help in picking our winner. Please list your favorite caption (only pick 1) in the comments. The caption with the most votes by Tues May 12th, 2009 5pm PST wins!

loto de socorrismo

Caption #1 Jemima was horrified when she realized that her new “living flame” dress clashed horribly with her red hair!

loto de socorrismo

Caption #2 Who needs chapstick when you can just scratch your lips off

loto de socorrismo

For the image in the lower left corner:

Caption #3 Alice soon realized that creating a human cigar, did not create the desired effect she had hoped for.

loto de socorrismo

For the image in the upper left corner:

Caption #4 Bridget choked back the tears and consoled herself with eating marshmallows off her fingers while Stan and his conjoined twin sister hobbled out of her life forever. In the years to come she would suffer a pang of lost love whenever she read of their triumphs on the 3 legged race circuit

loto de socorrismo

Caption #5 Lame kids on bikes ain’t got nothin’ on awesome dudes with HORSE CARTS. Seriously, don’t even try.


Caption #4 for me!

They’re all great but Caption #4 is definitely marvelous!

And another vote for Caption 4!

#5! also liked #4, but it’s a bit long.

#2 Chapstick?! Pthh!

Caption #4 is inspired!

Kevin Levell |

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5! though i quite like 1 also :)

#5 – You mean that’s not what the original caption says?

#5 is my pick! These are so funny.

My vote goes out to Caption #4. I found it the funniest.

# 2 – funny funny

#4 definitely!


Tess Losen |

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Caption #1. There is just something about a “living flame” dress that makes me laugh.

Oh, man it is kind of unfair to number 1. By the time I got to 5, I was laughing my head off.
After reconsidering:
Caption# 2.

Number 4!

Caption #4 for sure. Muchos amusement.

Of those, I like #5 best.

I tried to think of something for picture 15 along the lines of “Tina vowed never again to eat burritos before bedtime,” but I didn’t until now. So there. :)

caption #4 is brilliant!

I vote for #5!


Seth Lucas |

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number 5, definitely!

#5, totally. 4 was also good but too long.

Am I really the only one who thinks #1 is the best?


No caption for nose-bleed kid!? I vote for #5!



#4 without doubt! It’s a whole story! :)

Caption 4 gets my vote. Bitter and (with the marshmallows) sweet.

clearly number 5

Caption #4 , but caption 5 is good too—i’ll stick with #4

#5 for sure!


Unrelated, except coincidentally, perhaps, I was just reading a New Yorker article on the Stanford/Bing Nursery School Marshmallow Kids experiment…somehow this just made #4 even better than it already is.

Don’t eat the marshmallow…

Number 5, since you ask.

No.5 = hilarious

#5, hands down.


4, no question!

not the usual beautiful design we’ve come to expect.

Gotta be #4, rockin’ the vote!

#2 very cute funny!

#4 is the funniest!

Caption #3 “Alice soon realized that creating a human cigar, did not create the desired effect she had hoped for.” MOST DEF! some funny business :D

Number 5!

#4! Ingeniuos

Def. #5!

Qué locura este juego??? it is so funny!
I will vote for n° 4 :-)

Numero cinco.

#5 is the only winner I see!

5 – pure awesomeness!

I vote for 5!


count my vote – #5

Definitely #2!

#4, all the way.

Kate Earhart |

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Ok time is up. Thanks to everyone that voted. Give us a few minutes to tally the numbers up.