The Art and Illustration of Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Very happy to run across the work of Kevin Dart this morning — he has some serious talent going on. His rough textures and sketchy illustration style combine so nicely with the clean 60′s style graphics and type. His work feels like a perfect fit for Seijun Suzuki’s gangster movies. And I love an airplane with a swoosh. I also want that suitcase. So yummy.

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart

You can purchase some of Kevin’s work over at Fleet Street Scandal (where he and Chris Turnham collaborate).


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oh my gosh! thank you so much for featuring me!! I love your site!

this totally made my week!

Glad to have you on Kevin!

Love your work.

Ethan |

Found design |

Gorgeous! Loving the stripes – retro style, but looks so fresh!

Those are fantastic! I’m in love with Yuki 7. Girls in bikinis with swords and speedboats. That’s my idea of a good time!

the texture and clean lines are so well combined. delicious!

Man, I love Kevin’s work. I bought one of his amazing prints for my friend’s birthday, and it was a smash hit. Danger is a Female, or something like that. Keep it up Kevin!

Holy s##t! This guy’s hot. Yuki 7 works in so many ways for me!

Wow I really love the work, the rough edges to the illustrations is something I truly get jealous of. A wonderful style that encapsulates the hand-crafted feel. I love the Tokyo piece we see above, it sort of has a shared feel to Frank Chimero’s work. Both of which I love equally. Great find!

really nice work!

groovy designs.

I picked up the Nautilus print a while back and it looks awesome framed in my living room. His work is amazing.