Erik Nitsche Subway poster

erik nitsche subway poster.jpg

Hey everyone, I’ve been out all night gathering photos for an upcoming post. Ok, so maybe the whole night wasn’t dedicated to photos. There might of been some sushi and sake involved along the way. I’m pretty tired but I wanted to get this little design gem up before I went to bed.

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I’m sitting on the subway
Going the wrong way
never stopping at a bus-stop
never getting off at the top
A guy’s looking at me
A black guy with a grey beard
On the seat beside him lies a turd
Someone peed on a t-shirt
lying on the floor stinking
gets me thinking
What am I doing here?

Yeah, What am I doing
riding on this subway
with flickering lights
gang-members instigating fights
shooting up the place
Cops spraying them with mace
Tossing people to the floor
Cracking skulls of the poor
What am I doing?

Where is the Subway Jesus
and the church of Subway Salvation
When comes the day of Tribulation
When the Subway God gets me
saves me from this Subway hell?
Maybe it is just as well
I don’t believe in God anyway
Haven’t prayed one single day
of my fucking stinking life
And I never had a wife
So I continue to ride this subway
maybe I’ll go the right way for a change.