Giveaway ends at 6pm PST – Not too late to sign up

grain edit giveaway

If you haven’t signed up for the Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway, It’s not too late. Giveaway ends at 6pm Pacific standard Time.


what a nice thing~ thanks u!!

Lookin’ Good!

I hoped I was not to late! I signed up for the RSS feed and I’m already a friend on Twitter. Can we make sure my name makes it in the hat for the sweet stuff?

I hope I win- I’ve never won anything in my life- Is this a reflection of my “poor me” attitude or the cause of it? Anyway, cool stuff, generous offer, good times. Thanks.

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Wait… how is it that Tim Kim won twice? That seems fishy to me… then again, I could just be emotional about the fact that I didn’t win.

Makes sense, but I’m still jealous! Thanks for the response. :)