Giveaway is Now Closed

We’ve shut off the comments for the Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway. We will now prepare for the drawing and select our winners. We will announce the winners later tonight.  The winners will be listed at the bottom of the Grain Edit Email Update and Grain Edit RSS Feed. For those of you who subscribe to the email updates, the email will arrive sometime between now and tomorrow morning.

Thanks everyone for taking part in our giveaway and have a great weekend!

The anticipation is killing me.

So excited for my 0.001% chance of winning. Still surprised only 4 people will take how ALL those prizes.

could just be me not reading the e-mail correctly, but didn’t 1 person win 2 of the packages…? Seems like that would be against the rules somehow.

Hi Josh, I explain a little more how the giveaway waas set up here: