Borja Bonaque

Borja Bonaque city scape

Love, love love! this work from Spain-based Borja Bonaque. I’m a huge fan of city-scape illustration (à la Evan Hecox and Andrew Holder) — so I was pretty enamored with Borja’s work to say the least. The texture, composition, and (superb!) color choice all work together to give these illustrations that heavy punch. That city above reminds me a little of Sin City, and those other comic book-to film adaptations.

From the little bit of poking around I did, I couldn’t find any of his work for sale. Anyone know if this stuff is purchasable?

Borja Bonaque Illustration

Be sure to check Borja’s blog as well — he posts some of his own work, and other tidbits too.

Via lots and lots of Ffffound links.

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Thanks for the heads up this looks great. If you love city-scape work, I’m sure you’re familiar with Dan MacAdam’s screen printed work?

Whoops, missed the word “illustration” in there, maybe Dan’s work won’t be your cup of tea then.

Must. Buy.

Thank you so much for the post, i’m a huge fan of GRAINEDIT. I’m working in shop on line. Let you know when it be ready.

What a lovely find! I think I need to figure out how to get a fffound invite …

Nice! I’d be very interested in a print of the cityscape Borja.

Sounds good Borja. Let us know when your shop is up — there are a lot of people around here interested in your work!

These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Great work! Thanks for sharing this with us. The geometrical, highly composed, desaturated & textured images seem to be a new trend in the industry. I rather like it, actually!