Wink lecture poster for CSCA

wink poster

I knew the sun had a mustache! Great new work from the guys at Wink for a recent lecture with the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts. If they ever recreated this mobile in real life it would be interesting to see if the bird poop gets its own string.

You can hear excerpts from the lecture here.

On a side note I love their signature. Wink script sometime soon?

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lol You never fail to crack me up.
That isn’t just a simple bird poop! It’s valuable seabird guano! ;-)


What typeface is that 19? Bodoni? Sexy.

suspiciously similar to that HP ad not long back.

I like it, bold 2 colour print and simple illustration are always a great combo, but I do think the moustache and the winking make the sun look a little creepy!

Wink worked on the HP campaign.

These guys were an inspiration to hear and listen too. Wink rocked the house!