Objectified Film Poster Designed by Build

objectified poster

Objectified Movie poster 27″ x 39″, metallic silver and black, lithograph.

Beautiful poster design from Michael C. Place and his studiomates at Build for the upcoming Objectified documentary. The poster features drawings of dozens of objects from designers in the film and more. I like how the word “objectified” is subtly placed within the contents of the objects.  Clean, minimal and modern. I love it. Should be available in the shop soon.

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This is great! Love how they spelled out “objectified” with the objects.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a rip of a Swiss designer or something. I’ve definitely seen this look before. I’ll try to find the original and get back to you….

Hahaha! I almost missed “objectified” spelled out by the icons.
I can’t wait to see this!

Dave, I just found your site (thanks, Marty) and I’m loving it.

I saw the word in the poster before I saw it in the blogpost title.

Love your header font, too.