Legistyles: Free Custom NetNewsWire Themes

netnewswire themes

I use NetNewsWire to read all my feeds. One of the great things about it is that you can use custom CSS styles. Antonio over Aisle One has put together a wonderful set of NetNewsWire styles that he calls Legistyles. As he mentions on the Legistyles site “Much attention has been paid to the design and typography of the styles to improve legibility and readability, and to enhance the overall reading experience.”

Currently there are 4 styles available.

Serif Black 1.0, Serif White 1.0 (Titles and body text are set in Baskerville)

Haaus (Titles are set in Futura and the body text is set in Lucida Grande)

and Brockmann (Titles and body text are set in Helvetica)

Check it out for yourself here.


So I downloaded NetNewsWire, but see no where to change CSS, and am feeling like I’m going to have to add every single site I read on my old feeder to this one, but the way you described it seems cool … any way to make this easier?

Hey brandon,
Hmm thats a good question. You can twitter Antonio (@legistyles) and he should be able to help. If not you can email him.